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Waste Physicochemical

The letter (W) means Waste. 

The available parameteres of the program are:

1. Chemical Oxygen Demand (W ‎COD)

2. Biochemical Oxygen Demand (W BOD5)

3. Total Suspended Solids (W ΤSS)

4. Total Nitrogen (W ΤΝ)

5. Total Phosphorus (W TP)

6. Nitrogen-Nitrate (W Ν-ΝΟ3)

7. Nitrogen-Ammonia (W Ν-ΝΗ3)

8. Phosphorus-Phosphate (W Ρ-ΡΟ4)

9. Total Solids (W TS)

10. Total Dissolved Solids (W TDS)

11. Total Organic Carbon (W TOC) 

12. pH (W pH)

13. Conductivity (W COND)

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